• Understand how fiber, fat and protein work to keep you healthy

  • Learn how sugar, processed carbohydrates and chemicals effect your body and brain

  • Identify things sabotaging your wellness success

  • Make your kitchen a partner in healthy cooking and eating

  • Plan meals versus simply buying food

  • Follow food formulas to put healthy eating on automatic

  • Eat out without getting off track

Sample Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Important Details

  • 2

    Week 1 - Begin The Culinary Cure – Keeping a Food Journal

    • Begin The Culinary Cure – Keeping A Food Journal.

    • Introduction to the Food Journal

    • How To Fill Out a Food Journal - Demonstration

    • Week 1 Food Journal

    • How to Fill Out Your Food Journal

    • Evaluating Your Week 1 Food Journal

    • Evaluating Your Week 1 Food Journal

    • Food Is Fuel

    • What To Eat

    • The Practice of Hydration

    • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

    • The Practice of Sleep

    • The Practice of Exercise

    • The Practice of a Morning and Evening Routine

  • 3

    Week 2 - Keeping a Functional and Celebratory Food Journal.

    • Keeping a Functional and Celebratory Food Journal.

    • Week 2 Food Journal Video Demonstration

    • Week 2 Food Journal

    • Functional Vs. Celebratory Food

    • Understand Functional and Celebratory Foods

    • Celebratory Eating Tips

    • Foods To Avoid

    • Salt, Salt, Salt!

    • 15 Tips for Avoiding Dangerous Sodium in Your Diet – A Cheat Sheet!

    • Addictive Fats

    • Addictive Gluten and Dairy

    • Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!

    • 39 Sugars to Avoid – Article

    • 39 Sugars to Avoid – A Cheat Sheet!

    • Evaluating Your Week 2 Food Journal

    • Evaluating Your Week 2 Food Journal

  • 4

    Week 3 - How To Eat

    • How To Eat

    • Relearn to Eat

    • Tips for New Eating Habits (Re-learn How to Eat)

    • 3 Tips to Sugar Detox

    • Inflammation

    • Fermented Foods

    • Fiber, Fiber, Fiber!

    • Fat is Your Friend

    • Protein

    • Supplements - Video

    • Supplements – Article

    • How To Navigate Groceries

    • Simple Eating Plan (Sample eating plan for the day)

  • 5

    Week 4 - The Kitchen Intervention

    • The Kitchen Intervention

    • Welcome to the Kitchen

    • What is a Kitchen Intervention?

    • Refrigerator Reset

    • Refrigerator Reset Checklist

    • Refrigerator Reset - Restock List

    • Freezer Reset

    • Counter Reset

    • Counter Reset

    • Cookware Reset

    • Cookware Reset Checklist

    • Spice Cabinet Reset

    • Spice Cabinet Reset

    • Spice Cabinet Reset - Inventory List

    • Pantry Reset

    • Pantry Reset

    • Pantry Reset - Restock List

    • Have a Plan

    • Weekly Shopping List

  • 6

    Graduation and Resources

    • Graduation

    • Course Review

    • The Culinary Cure Approved Resources


  • Weekly lessons you can access on demand

  • Action worksheets

  • Accountability to keep you on track

  • Insight and Advice on your Food Journal (I love this part!)

  • A Step by Step, Easy to Follow Kitchen Intervention. (Game changer!)

  • Food Formulas + More

For less than the cost of a single coaching session with me, you can get the skills you need to change your relationship with food to create the wellness you want. The next course will begin in a few weeks. Sign up below to receive alerts to register when the course opens.

4 weeks will disrupt habitual behaviors around food that do not serve you, and replace them with new habits that do!

I am excited to get into your kitchen and set you up for success.


Don't just take my word for it!
These people have already completed the course, and here is what they have to say:

A Wellness Changing Experience

Sheila McDevitt, Brooklyn, NY

Kristen Coffield's, The Culinary Cure Master Class, is a wellness changing experience. It changed the way I think about food and my relationship with my kitchen. Her insightful guidance is transformative, her sense of humor, knowledge, and passion are contagious. My husband and I cleaned out our entire kitchen. We started to eat healthier and intentional during the course, which continues to be our lifestyle! As a wine drinker, I especially appreciated her take on "clean wine." Her concept of living and eating 5 "clean" days allows for 2 days of flexibility, making it easier for us to to stick with healthier habits. Kristen understands that we aren't perfect, and life happens. The Culinary Cure Master Class teaches strategies for navigating food in the real world, making it easier to adopt and stick with healthier habits. I loved the Culinary Cure Master Class.

Simple concepts that are easy to follow and MAINTAIN!

Catie Gage, Alexandria, Virginia

I enrolled in The Culinary Cure Master Class with Kristen Coffield in effort to "clean up" my messy eating and hopefully shed a few pounds. I found the class interesting, easy to follow and packed with useful information. I especially found keeping a journal of everything I ate (and drank) revealing about how my habits were sabotaging me. It kept me accountable and made me realize I could use what I was eating more intentionally. I learned how to identify and use functional food and celebratory to manage a healthy weight, improve sleep and stress less. I realized that I really wasn't drinking enough water and started measuring it to make sure I was well hydrated. My everyday habits are now tools for looking and feeling my best! Kristen's class was based on simple concepts that are easy to follow and MAINTAIN! I have enjoyed her newsletters and Social media posts and have recommended her to many friends who want to just simply eat well and feel better! She is a Master Class Act teaching a Master Class!

I run her ideas by my functional medicine MD and he concurs with Kristen’s approach

Debbie Benton Motley, McLean, Virginia

Kristen Coffield’s Culinary Cure Master Class is filled with remarkably simple solutions to complex everyday health issues. She has easy suggestions for improving sleep, increasing energy and making eating healthy again. Her Kitchen Intervention is a game-changer that creates the “right” conditions to cook and eat in a way that support our health. I have the upmost faith in Kristen. I take her suggestions as gospel. Often I run her ideas by my functional medicine MD and he concurs with Kristen’s approach to wellness. Thank you Kristen for sharing your knowledge in such an approachable way. Your Master Class and the information you disseminate on Instagram have been invaluable.

Her support provides a frame work for eating responsibly

Kim T. Davis, Alexandria, VA

I joined Kristen Coffield’s Culinary Cure Master Class to tap into her expertise on health and dietary recommendations following a recuperation from hip replacement surgery. I have been working with a fitness coach who has done wonders rebuilding flexibility and muscle strength, but I needed to focus on losing the weight I had gained during a period of pain and lack of mobility. Extra weight was putting pressure on my joints. Kristen's course was just the kick start I needed. By focusing on what and when to eat and cutting back on fats and sugar, I have lost 20 pounds! Her support provides a frame work for eating responsibly and with a healthful intent. Anyone struggling to achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle will find support for making lasting change with this course.

My energy level and positive mood have never been higher.

Barbara Guterman, Potomac, VA

When I enrolled in the Culinary Cure Master Class, I really thought I was doing so many things right. Boy was I wrong. Kristen’s 4- week course really delivered on its promise to help me better understand the importance of the nutrients that our bodies need, and so many of the hidden agenda’s that as consumers get us on the wrong trace. Keeping my food journal for the first two weeks was very eye opening. I discovered that I was consuming too much caffeine and not nearly enough water, and too much processed food (protein shakes and powders), and not enough real plant- based foods. I was able to make those adjustments and start to expand delicious foods that I could incorporate and eat on a daily basis. One of the big take away moments for me was also to begin to categorize food into “functional food” or food that your body needs for fuel, and “celebratory food”, food that you might eat out on a Saturday night with champagne and friends. No one was telling me not to eat this or that, but rather to understand the difference and to give myself permission to “celebrate” when appropriate. I now have the tools to eat a healthier more plant -based diet coupled with many more sips of water throughout my day. My energy level and positive mood have never been higher.


  • How long is it?

    4 weeks...you will love it, and miss me when it’s over.

  • How does it work:

    Simple. Review your weekly lessons and videos, do the work assigned, then evaluate your progress!

  • Is this a diet:

    No, The Culinary Cure is not a diet. It is foundational wellness training to create healthy habits that can change your life.

  • Is this suitable if I have food restrictions:

    Yes. You will gain food knowledge for better choices and easier cooking. Any specific modifications can be addressed during the LIVE Q&A on our private Facebook group.

  • What if I’m really busy:

    We specifically created this course for busy lifestyles. The videos are available on demand and the assignments are minimal but effective.

  • What if I miss something:

    Everything is available on demand, so you can watch anytime.

  • What if I change my mind:

    The course has a 100% refund policy*

    * If you decide to cancel the course before you jump in and commit to lasting change, we are happy to give you a full refund. ** Complete the course and are dissatisfied? Simply turn in your completed food journals, and the before and after photos of your counters, pantry and refrigerator within 10 days to receive a full refund.

This course is an investment on your health.

Full price: $595