• Understand how fiber, fat and protein work to keep you healthy

  • Learn how sugar, processed carbohydrates and chemicals effect your body and brain

  • Identify things sabotaging your wellness success

  • Make your kitchen a partner in healthy cooking and eating

  • Plan meals versus simply buying food

  • Follow food formulas to put healthy eating on automatic

  • Eat out without getting off track

Sample Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Important Details
    • Get In Contact
    • LIVE Session - 3/31/19
  • 2
    Week 1 - Meeting you where you are!
    • Let's Begin Your Journey to The Culinary Cure
    • Food Journal 1 - Download
    • Welcome to The Culinary Cure Signature Program
    • FOOD Acronym Memorization Tool
    • Weekend Eating Tips
    • Functional Vs. Celebratory Food
  • 3
    Week 2 - The Food Situation
    • LIVE Session - 4/7/19
    • Your Next Food Journal
    • Food Journal 2 - Download
    • What's Wrong with Our Diet?
    • No One is Holding You Hostage
    • What's Wrong with Our Food?
    • Your Biggest Takeaways (Questionnaire)
  • 4
    Week 3 - Food Control
    • LIVE Session - 4/14/19
    • Fiber, Fiber, Fiber!
    • Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!
    • 39 Sugars to Avoid – Article
    • 39 Sugars to Avoid – A Cheat Sheet!
    • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
    • Protein
    • Fat is Your Friend
  • 5
    Week 4 - Food Create
    • LIVE Session - 4/22/19
    • Welcome to the Kitchen
    • Kitchen Intervention
    • Refrigerator Reset
    • Refrigerator Reset Checklist
    • Refrigerator Reset - Restock List
    • Freezer Reset
    • Counter Reset
    • Counter Reset
    • Cookware Reset
    • Cookware Reset Checklist
    • Spice Cabinet Reset
    • Spice Cabinet Reset
    • Spice Cabinet Reset - Inventory List
    • Pantry Reset
    • Pantry Reset
    • Pantry Reset - Restock List
  • 6
    BONUS: Week 5 - Culinary Resilience
    • Final LIVE Session - 4/28/19
    • Have a Plan
    • What We Should Eat
    • Weekly Shopping List
    • Relearn to Eat
    • Tips for New Eating Habits (Re-learn How to Eat)
    • Course Review


  • Weekly lessons you can access on demand

  • Action worksheets

  • Accountability to keep you on track

  • Personal Review, Insight and Advice on your Food Journal (I love this part!)

  • A Step by Step, Easy to Follow Kitchen Intervention. (Game changer!)

  • Food Formulas + More

For less than the cost of a single coaching session with me, you can get the skills you need to change your relationship with food to create the wellness you want. The next course will begin in a few weeks. Sign up below to receive alerts to register when the course opens.

4 weeks will disrupt habitual behaviors around food that do not serve you, and replace them with new habits that do!

I am excited to get into your kitchen and set you up for success.

Because of the personal nature of this course, I am only accepting a limited amount of participants in order to ensure individual attention.

Yes! I am ready to start the Masterclass


  • How long is it?

    4 weeks...you will love it, and miss me when it’s over.

  • How does it work:

    Simple. Review your weekly lessons and videos, do the work, and join me LIVE every week to review and get the answers you need.

  • Is this a diet:

    No, The Culinary Cure is not a diet. It is foundational wellness training to create healthy habits that can change your life.

  • Is this suitable if I have food restrictions:

    es. You will gain food knowledge for better choices and easier cooking. Any specific modifications can be addressed during the LIVE Q&A calls.

  • What if I’m really busy:

    We specifically created this course for busy lifestyles. The videos are available on demand and the assignments are minimal but effective.

  • What if I miss something:

    Everything is available on demand, so you can watch anytime after it has aired.

  • What if I change my mind:

    The course has a 100% refund policy*

    * If you decide to cancel the course before you jump in and commit to lasting change, we are happy to give you a full refund. ** Complete the course and are dissatisfied? Simply turn in your completed food journals, and the before and after photos of your counters, pantry and refrigerator within 10 days to receive a full refund.